Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Second Coming by The MESSIAH.A MUST watch video,'A letter from Hell'.Beware,its END TIMES. rated;5/5

This is for all my friends who I did not took the time to tell you about Him,The FIRST AND THE LAST.It's real and it's coming,real soon.....

if you have problem watching this,watch it at



Monday, December 17, 2007

MidZone Countdown 2008-Bloody Gametime!

Strictly 18 and above.Brewski will be served and please bring petroleum jelly and self-lubricating substance so that you can grind on all pussies on that day.That's a new-year's resolution for 2007/2008...See you in the scum bag

Venue : The Boulevard, Mid Valley City
Date : 31st December 2007
Gates Open : 7.00pm
Party Time : 9.00pm onwards
DJs Line-up : DJ Stoneface & Terminal (Euphonic Germany)
DJ Matthew White (Hungary)
VJ SORT (Kagawa, Japan)
Tickets: : / 03 – 7880 799

courtesy of and Midzone Committee.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Boner and Gay Clyde In Kama Sutra

keep the juice flowin',i mean sweat gland(pun intended)

still getting a boner?[o.0]

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hey there Khalilah

Oooooh,Its how u cook the meat

Ronaldinho vs C.Ronaldo

Whose the better showman?YOU decide

Friday, November 30, 2007

Now You're Gone-Basshunter

now ur gone
i realise my love for u are strong
and i miss u and here, now u r gone
i keep waiting here by d phone
with the pic hanging on the wall

now youre gone i realised my lov for u r strong
and i miss u and here,nw u r gone
i keep waiting here by d phone
with the pic hanging on the wall
is this the way its meant to be
all the dreamin thats ur missin' me
i'm waiting in u at home
i'll go crazy now u r gone
thrs a empty place in my heart
without me luv,ill only break apart
i hope she'll never fades away
i'll think about u everyday

(chorus 2)

Ready for takeoff!

Monday, November 26, 2007

MuscleMan-Protein Mum..,Grind Pussies,Juggerbombs. Ori and Asi Edi rated 5/5 *****

hey browski,two heinekens please...

not now chinaman,i'm in the f++ken zen

Soulja Boy Parody-Travis Barker does it,effin good! rated:4/5

Friday, November 23, 2007

Predator vs Mercurial SuperLite


of course not you mofo.It's futbol baby and its back

Happy bday WILSON

Malouda el bestial jugador!!!

Next up,Brasilo?Home of paladas....we shall see

Restricted Access!

This blog has been confiscated and is now the liability for the Government of the United States of America.The C.I.A has all rights and restricted access in this blog for cultural learnings for the glorious benefit of United States.

Friday, September 28, 2007


This is Gattuso,This is the Mafia in football.Is either you love him dearly or despise him fervently.

This guy here is dead accurate with fearsome power into it unlike the other sharp-shooters in Italia.His pitbull is his companion in the field,thts why he acts like one.DORK but ROCK

Sunday, September 2, 2007


This update is a 3 post update consecutively to commerate Armada's reach of 10,000 visits in barely 2 months and a poll conducted recently by you all that voted for more football updates;

And this... is the second episode of four current episode for the Sanchez Boys to travel Europe to find the most accurate footballer.So lets present*drumrolls*....,

....Torsten Frings........FRINGS....FRINGS!!!! FRINGS...!!!

If Torsten Frings is not the most accurate player in Germany,I don't know who is.Cmon Frings hit the Sanchez's frankfurters....

A more decent interview with him on the latest cleats by Nike which he is currently using to play high-tenacity games for Werder Bremen in Bundesliga League .


Antonio Puerta Commiseration

Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta died in hospital Tuesday, three days after collapsing during his team's Spanish league match against Getafe, Spanish media reported.

A natural left-footer, Puerta joined Sevilla as a boy and spent a total of 14 years at the club,[2] growing up at the club's acclaimed youth system alongside other players such as Sergio Ramos, Jesús Navas, Alejandro Alfaro and Kepa Blanco.[3] He played on the left side of midfield, although he did occasionally fill in at left back. His impressive performances earned him international recognition and reported interest from Arsenal, Manchester United and Real Madrid.[4] (partly taken from Wiki)

Puerta had been capped once by the Spanish national side, making his debut on October 6, 2006, against Sweden in a qualification match for the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship.[3] He was also capped for Spain U-21.

Puerta, 22, collapsed in the first-half and medics prevented him from swallowing his tongue.

But he collapsed again in the locker room and was given cardiac resuscitation before being taken to hospital.

He was placed in intensive care and doctors said on Tuesday his condition had deteriorated before his death.

Puerta is the third high-profile footballer to die after collapsing on the field in recent years.

In January 2004 Benfica's Hungarian international striker Miklos Feher died during a Portuguese league match from a heart attack. Just seven months earlier Cameroon international Marc-Vivien Foe collapsed and died while playing in the Confederations Cup tournament in France.

Sevilla's Champions League qualifier against AEK Athens, scheduled to be played in Greece on Tuesday, was postponed to September 3 by the European football governing body UEFA.

A minute of silence will be held at the start of every Spanish league game at the weekend in tribute.


Friday, August 31, 2007

UEFA Champions League Draw 07/08

----------- ----------- ----------- ----------
1) Liverpool 1) Chelsea 1) Real Madrid 1) AC Milan
2) Marseille 2) Valencia 2) Olympiacos 2) Glasgow Celtic
3) Besiktas 3) Rosenborg 3) Lazio 3) Benfica
4) FC Porto 4) Schalke 04 4) Werder Bremen 4) Shaktar Donetsk

----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
1) FC Barcelona 1) Man United 1) Internazionale 1) Steaue Bucharest
2) FC Lyonais 2) Sporting Lisbon 2) PSV Eindhoven 2) Arsenal
3) Stuttgart 3) AS Roma 3) CSKA Moscow 3) Slavia Prague
4) Glasgow Rangers 4) Dynamo Kiev 4) Fernabache 4) Sevilla/AEK
5) Orange Armada

This year's UEFA Champions League draw was carried out moments ago, UEFA president Michel Platini had some changes, in group F, also known as the group of death, he assigned a new team into the group due to recent superb performance by Orange Armada, so instead of having 4 teams in each group, group F is special with 5.."Orange Armada, in my opinion, stand a very high chance of lifting the Champions League title this season" quoted by Michel Platini himself..

So, from this big achievement, the club is really proud of what the players gave to the club..

peace out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thanks You and Goodbye Ole Gunnar Solskjaer aka Best Super Sub ever aka Babyfaced Assassin!!

A tribute to Manchester United Legend,,"The Baby Faced Assassin" Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,,

Yesterday was "sad" day for Manchester United fans and avid football fans as Norwegian veteran Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hangs up his boots due to a prolonged knee injury.

Solskjaer got his nickname best super sub when he scored on his Man Utd debut against Blackburn after coming on only just 6minutes. He came on as a substitute in the 1999 Uefa Champions League final against Bayern Munich and scored the winning goal in the dying minutes of the match.
Other memorable moments in his career was scoring 4 goals in 19 minutes against fallen giants Nottingham Forest.

Enjoy the two videos dedicated to the legendary No 20 of Manchester United,the first UCL 1999 Final Goal..the second compilation of Solskjaer..,

The history of his football career are as follows:
  • 1990-1994 Clausenengen 115 goals 109 appearances
  • 1994-1996 Molde 31 goals 42 appearances
  • 1996-2007 Manchester United 126 goals 366 appearances
  • Norway national team 23 goals 67 appearances
He shall be remembered for his memorable moments in football history and he will be sorely missed by MUFC fans and football fans.
WE at Orange Armada wish him good luck in his new job..


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can They Finally Do It..??

The 39th Merdeka Tournament kicked off last week,
Malaysia's U-23 squad was in the same group as Myanmar(Defendeing Champs),Laos and Lesotho.
The U-23 squad did better than their seniors at last month's Asian Cup winning one out of their three games and losing only one to the defending champion on a 1-2 score line.They finished the group stage scoring6 and conceded only 2,way better goalkeeping from the "highly-rated" Azizon.

will this be the final image after tomorrow's game?

Yesterdays semi-final Malaysia were up against their bitter rivals Singapore U-23,which is on a roll following their unbeaten run in the groups stages.The match was won by the Malaysians and they will meet the defending champs Myanmar tomorrow at Shah Alam Stadium. This tournament was created by Malaysians but they have failed to win it since 1993 where they beat South Korea 3-1.

The question is can they finally win it back again??
Is this the start of the glory days for Malaysian football again ever since the Mokhtar Dahari era?

This question should all be answered by tomorrow's match.
WE as Malaysian will support the National squad for tomorrow's game in which a victory for the Malaysians would be a perfect gift for the big 50 of Malaysia's Independence Day.
WE just hope the score line won't be a big 5-0 where Malaysia end up on the losing side and its the other way round.

Armadan signing off...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bremgo vs BMW

A badass of its own....

Care for a hitch?

Recently a German based company has took a BMW 335i, slapped on some M3 lookalike parts on it and shoehorned the huge 5.0 liter V10 from the BMW M5 into the coupe’s engine bay. They used the SMG drivetrain instead of the manual transmission. Other than the body parts and engine swap, the car also receives a artge perforated leather steering wheel, AC Schnitzer 5-spoke alloy wheels.A dick big V10 engines.In this particular application they tuned up the M5’s engine to 550 PS, so you can expect this E92’s M5 motor to have similiar specs
Bremgo has also played with diesel engine,stuffing the 330d’s turbodiesel into the M3 Cabriolet, effectively taming it down a little and making it a nice fuel efficient small GT of sorts.

Work your whole life and you MAY get one of these beast...More pics after the jump

That's as big as your butt cheeks can grow.


Dutchman....You Sucks My Rod

Monday, August 20, 2007

Proton Persona - Hero/Zero

I've visited the Proton showroom over in Sungai Besi. I've also tested the 1.6 Base line Auto Solid Red colour model. Well, I've got to say that these critics and all the comments cannot all be trusted. Some of them are due to individual likings and preferences. The others are simply hippocrites who simply gave out very misleading information about the car.
I must say that the car is one of the best Proton cars I've driven. Let's start with the outlook of the car. Starting from the shape. It's nothing to shout about but neither is there much for you to critic. The most annoying part of the car would be the round signal light on the side of the car's front fender. Actually, the car would do much better without it. Some other things that the car's exterior would seem better without would be the chrome finishing on the hood's lid and the trunk. Do away with the chrome strips and I believe the car would look much better. Proton should also do away with the spoiler. In fact, by doing away with the spoiler, perhaps Proton might not have much critics later on in any case the spoiler gets blown away. If they want a spoiler, let them get one themselves.
Then going to the interior of the car. Not a bad effort. The noise and vibration reduction is significant. In fact when I was driving the test car, there was an accident that happened. It sounded like just a tap of your finger on the pillow but the scene was quite brutal to the car. The steering wheel is ok with me. No trouble with the buttons in the middle of the car. No, the car doesn't feel plastic. And the front seats is just fine. I do however agree that the rear seats are kind of low just like my Iswara. Blind spots will be something you would have to look out for this car but the angle of blind spot is smaller than the Gen-2. The air-conditioning is also fine.
Now to the mechanics. The brakes are just a so-so. Since I drove the auto, I can't comment on the manual version for the car. The auto still has quite a harsh kick back when I switched it from P to D. The kickdown is rather delayed with the throttle floored for more power. The gear response is slow. I however did managed to pull the car through past 6,000 rpm which is something my automatic trasmission Proton Iswara is not cappable of doing. The suspension and the absorber would be very suitable for Kuala Lumpur's driving conditions with the uneven roads and multiple poth holes. I however wished that I could have taken the car to some other more challenging turns and corners to push the car to the limits.
Almost all said, I think this car is a good buy. For a pricing between 45,000 to 56,000, the car seems to be of reasonable price. Don't bring the Japanese car into the picture. Let me tell you that there is no way that teh Vios or the City can challenge the stability of this car because both Japanese have independent rear struts. For power? How can you compare a car with and without a variable valve system? It just isn't fair. You should be comparing VVT-i and V-tec with the MiVec. The Myvi is a good car but then it depends on what kind of car that you need.
All said, there is no such thing as a perfect car. This here, is just in my opinion. Don't mention anything until you have seen the car, touched it, sat in it, drove it, and all this without the expectation of finding anything wrong with the car. Then you have the right to start commenting on the car. Thanks to all those bullshitters, I've seen, touched, sat, and drove the car. I really hope to get one cause my Iswara is almost giving up.

Just my 2 cents worth.Maverick.

And to all Proton bashers out there,Remedy is here to clear things up.He's a Proton engineer from auto city:

Inilah susah orang kita ni…. Banyak mendengar cerita sensasi yang banyak ditaruk banyak rempah ratusnya….. Memang pada mulanya kita belajar… selepas itu kita buat sendiri.Saya adalah seorang yang terlibat dengan kerja kerja tersebut.

Saga - base dia Lancer lama. Kita Cuma tukar depan dan belakang

Iswara -
base Saga, kita mula belajar untuk design kereta sendiri. Masa ni Mitsubishi dah tak berapa setuju bila kita menubuhkan R&D. So kita menggunakan khidmat penasihat dari UK .

Wira -
Disini berpuluh puluh designer dan engineer Proton dihantar ke Jepun untuk kerjasama design kereta baru. Proton dan Mitsubishi kongsi modal. Hampir 2 tahun kami disana. Bahagian tengah dikongsi bersama. Depan dan Belakang, design asing-asing. Lampu depan dan belakang share sebab nak kurang kan cost. Hasilnya Proton Wira-Mitsubishi Lancer.

Orang akan kata hah kongsi je sebab tak tahu buat kerja…. Tapi ada orang kata apa apa bila Ford dan Mazda berkongsi bahagian tengah? Ford Laser dan Mazda 323 adalah kereta yang sama. Ada orang complain? Bila orang Malaysia yang buat begitu… orang Malaysia sendiri yang nak mengutuk. Tak ramai yang tahu seksa bekerja kat Jepun sebab dia orang suka curi idea. Bayang kanlah semasa kami design dashboard untuk Wira… masa tu Mitsubishi sudah pun siap soft tooling mould untuk dashboard kereta dia… Bila mereka tengok dashboard Proton, Mereka sanggup letak designer dia
depan design kita untuk mengubahsuai kembali rupa bentuk dashboard mereka. Kalau kita pernah tengok dashboard mitsubishi lancer… hampir
samakan. Itu mereka yang meniru bukan kita. Ianya menunjukkan kita bukan tak pandai… Cuma masyarakat sendiri berfikiran macam itu.

Perdana -
untuk membuat satu satu design bukannya murah. Nak balik modal pun lama. Jumlah kereta yang dijual pun kena banyak. So kalau nak buat Perdana…. Sampai habis pun tak balik modal. So yang ni memang kita ambil kereta dari mitsubishi dan pasang di Malaysia. Cuma kita tukar depan dan
belakang, dan bahagian dalaman.

Tiara -
Tiara adalah bukan product Proton. Ia adalah keluaran DRB. Tapi kita kena tunduk dengan arahan dari atas untuk mereka menggunakan lambang Proton.

Waja -
Waja adalah permulaan kita untuk menunjukkan kita mampu melakukan kerja sendiri. 100% didesign orang orang kita. Tapi untuk kejuruteraan kita memerlukan consultant dari luar.. mainly dari Eropah dan Amerika. Bukan sebab tak pandai tapi kita tak cukup kakitangan. Nak design kereta bukan seperti menjahit baju. Kebaikan dari mengambil consultant dari luar memang membuka mata kita… kita adalah setaraf dengan kebolehan mereka. Nak design kereta ni memerlukan beratus ratus kakitangan. Bukannya sedikit.

Gen2 -
100% didesign oleh orang kita. Consultant dari luar hanya sedikit sebab kakitangan kita semakin ramai. Kita mula menggunakan enjin yang didesign sendiri.

o Savvy -
100% dedesign sendiri. Cuma enjin sahaja kita menggunakan Renault sebab kita tidak ada enjin bersaiz kecil. Well…. Kehebatan enjin Renault sudah terbukti bila mereka memenangi F1. Disini banyak berita palsu disebarkan oleh mereka yang tidak bertanggung jawab.Contohnya… Savvy adalah Tiara
dan menggunakan chasis Tiara lama. Savvy tidak ada kena mengena dengan
Tiara. Savvy adalah baru, 100%. Tidak ramai yang tahu bahawa Savvy menggunakan HTHS steel (High Tensile High Strength Steel). Sebab tu body Savvy kuat. Memang ada terpampang kereta Savvy kemek kerana
accident. Well… kereta mercedes, volvo, BMW pun kemek bila accident. Tapi tak ramai yang tengok keadaan dalaman Savvy yang accident tu… In fact. Kukuh. Saudara saudari… Bila kita design kereta ni.. yang paling penting adalah keselamatan penumpang. Memang kereta didesign untuk crumple bila ada impact. Itu untuk menyerap daya hentakan supaya bukan manusia yang menerima hentakan kuat. Rating TUV Germany memberikan 3 star untuk Proton. BMW 5 series pun dapat 3 star. Ramai yang kata Savvy ni tak sedap bila memandu. Tapi tanyalah yang bercakap tu… adakah mereka pernah memandu Savvy. Kebanyakan nya tidak. Hanya mendengar dari orang lain.

Lain lain -
Ada banyak lagi yang saya tak boleh cerita sebab ada secrecy act. Proton pun ada design kereta untuk company lain dan ada membuat part untuk company lain. Proton ada juga buat reverse engineering untuk motosikal lumba (tahun tu dia champion) tapi kita tidak boleh menceritakan sebab dasar secrecy kita. Mungkin sesetengah orang yang memakai certain kereta
mewah tidak tahu yang part kereta mereka dibuat di proton. Kalau Proton tak elok… masakan mereka mengkontrakkan proton untuk membuat kereta mereka.

Perodua… kenapa daihatsu/toyota memberi enjin latest dia orang…. Sebab Perodua tu 100% milik Toyota/Daihatsu. Dah lama UMW menjual saham dia orang kepada Jepun. Proton…. Milik Malaysia… satu2 nya maruah malaysia.. yang kutuk proton anak malaysia sendiri.. sad…”

Mungkin ramai yang mengganggap hanya seorang perdana menteri sahaja terlibat. Cuma pada zaman Tun M baru persetujuan dapat dicapai setelah Mitshubishi bersetuju menjadi rakan teknikal dengan bersyarat. (syarat ni tak bolehlah diberi tahu.. sebab ianya adalah OSA)

Penubuhan Proton lebih mencapai objectif nya. Pada mulanya Proton hanya di rancang untuk membuat kereta bukan untuk merekacipta kereta. Kita menubuh R&D, Mitsubishi tidak setuju. Ye la… siapa nak bagi kita pandai kan . Cuba check dekat Perodua, berapa ramai jurutera dari Proton bekerja dekat sana, Head of R&D Perodua…bekas Proton, Head of Styling…bekas
Proton, Head of Planning…bekas Proton, Head of Production…bekas Proton (rasa-rasanya dah kena kebas dekat Naza), Head of Engineering Services…bekas Proton. Ratarata mereka yang senior dekat sana dari
proton. We trained them… orang lain ambil cara senang je.

Naza pulak.. Head of R&D….bekas Proton. Head of Production…bekas Proton. Honda pun ramai bekas Proton, DRB Pekan… Head dia pun bekas proton, Inokom… head dia pun bekas proton. Itu kira head je…bukan lagi kira engineer dan designer. So it meets its objective untuk memajukan orang-orang kita. Mainly orang Melayu. Naza sendiri tidak menyangkal
kereta Naza mainly didevelop oleh bekas kakitangan Proton. So… orang Proton tak bagus?

Kita belum lagi kira bekas pekerja proton yang diambil oleh consultant luar negara… dari America, Eropah sampai ke Jepun.Tau tak kita kakitangan
Proton telah memenangi pertandingan mereka design kereta anjuran Ford. Beliau mendapat tempat pertama. Bukan bertanding diperingkat Malaysia . Tapi di peringkat antarabangsa. Memang beliau mendapat tawaran kerja dari
syarikat kereta gergasi Amerika dan Eropah. Tapi kami tabik bila dia decide nak stay dekat Malaysia sebab taknak anak-anak membesar dinegara lain. Ada orang tau…?

Itu lah masalah
orang kita… memandang rendah kebolehan anak negara sendiri.. Asyik nanyi negarakuku.. “

p/s : basher oh basher.. i sure u donno anything about this..


Disclaimer: This post has absolutely nothing got to do with the parties involved in this blog and is purely people's freedom of speech.(edited by Dutchman)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Notice Board:Weekend Matches

Come this weekend, we'll be gunning on all cylinders.Whoever comes to our path,you'll be sure to freeze because we have our Iceman,whoever tries to tackle, obviously you can't because we have The Bullet!


Re:To all Armadans this week we will be having four matches in a span of seven days.(SATURDAY,SUNDAY,TUESDAY and another SATURDAY.)

First up,on this coming Saturday 18-08-07 ,we have a game against Blazing Phoenix at Real Sports Arena at the FIFA approved court.Wear the new-away kit.Game starts at 1000-1200,so please be punctual.All jokers is a must to come .No excuses or you'll face FEAR.Anyhow if you are not sure of the place,here 's the map;
Address:Lot 2156, 1 ½ Mile, Jalan Sungai Bertih, Off Telok Gadong Road, 44100 Klang.

The 2nd game will be against Bkt Tinggi FC that is on 19-08-07 2nd away tie
Time:0800-1100 Venue:Botanic Field
Transport will be provided to those who don't have the transportation means

The 3rd game will be a tourney at Inter-De La Salle tournament that is on 21-08-07 .
Time:0800-1400 Venue: SMKLSK High School

The 4th and final game of the week is on 25-08-07 we'll be playing a friendly against Cheras Challenger.Their capt is Nasri Jamal and they have invited us to play with them.
Time:n/a Venue:Pan Global PJ

1st is 1st and 2nd is nothing. NO wimpy remarks. No fence sitting. Just loads of raw passion for the game. IF WE WIN,YOU LOSE!!! IF WE LOSE, YOU WIN!!!! It's about celebrating the game and bring like-minded football/futsal players together...So Guys enjoy your weekend as we have our crowded fixtures ahead.

Till then-Dutchman

Armadan16 aka Koonji aka The Slave aka Yamamoto Kawaguchi Kunji aka Shako aka japanese boy aka WTF aka spiky hair aka "Ferdinand"

The picture above shows what he usually does, being a "slave" muahaha..Armadan16 had had some controversies with the club over some years as he was loaned to South Park FC for 2 seasons before rejoining the Armadans. A guy who follows most of the orders or commands by his "master" ,someone that's been loaned out from the Armadans due to recent poor performance.

A guy who worships Japanese culture, there's where he got the name Yamamoto Kawaguchi Kunji! Often been "raped" during his days in Armadan's Institute of Football, he's proned to being raped due to his "tak apa" attitude..that's it!

peace out!

Can U spot the Ah Beng?

Our country had been flooded with Ah Bengs over the years due to influence from Japanese lala bands, well here's an example of an Ah Beng incase u people don't know what is an Ah Beng.. Descriptions are as follow, hairstyle that is one sided, maths pro, bad tempered, uses words such as " lor, jor, de" lines such as SUB,often watch loads of animes, acts cool in which is annoying and many more to be mentioned..have a look at the picture above and u might find an Ah Beng in it....

peace out!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is the latest Nike advancement and Epi 1 features Wayne Rooney and The Sanchez Boys in Rooney's Manor.The aim is to find the ultimate sharp shooter in Europe."Put it where you want it"

Take One:

You got murked!

The next on Sanchez list is Torsten Frings,Florent Malouda and Gennaro Gattuso.Shooting like a rockstar...Dutchman

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Kit

Many thanks to Al-Ikhsan and Nike Malaysia for supporting this club by sponsoring us the new away kit(full set).The official presentation was held at La Romareda Armada at GMT1600 10/08/2007.This new kit was a gesture after our impressive run of 4 wins 2 draws and 1 lose in 7 games.Below are some of the teasers of the new kit provided by one of our players.

Poll Winner: Cristiano Ronaldo

Here is your winner for Armadans first online poll,
Voted as the current best player in the world by you readers and fellow loyal fans of Orange Armada FC, with a narrow winning margin just ahead of other football hottest property enjoy the videos of trickery and skills by C.Ronaldo..!

Wait for the next Armadan online poll..Coming soon!
Armadan,,peace out..!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Armadan 11 aka Mervyn Tham aka E.M.T.(extra molten tension) aka Super"Merv" aka Flying Dragon & The Hidden Tortoise aka Orgasm King aka Buntut Seller


He's not exactly a buntut seller in those backlanes in Chow Kit Road but plies his trade as a semi-pro footballer in Orange Armada.Loves playing high-tempo games rather then slow pacing game(such as in Serie A).Able to mimic all sorts of sounds and most noticeably orgasmic.Being able to do this infront of Miss Hannah is already enough for a tonne of orgasm spilling into the classss.On football related issue,he was able to recover from a serious career threatening right knee injury and the fans are ecstatic with his comeback that he is now famously dubbed the SuperMerv.A very good tactical player and is good in the air as well.Blends into the team well and everywhere he goes,he is being mock by young savvy ladies trying to vie for him but sadly he is already married to football.

Kick-arse poster of him created by his ardent fans.

During his layoff injury,he manage to travel on to a secluded Ketam Isles on his private yacht with his caucasian buddy Gay O.

Happily chit-chatting away with Gay O.

The paparazzis manage to capture a few glimpse of his new girlfriend(but we have censored it due to his private anonymity)

His girlfriend was replaced with our ex-capt face who now plays for Montreal to protect
SuperMervs' privacy.

After a rough night in a luxurious hotel with his new found "friend".

Looking cum and melancholy about his future career.

Happy moments at Man Utd though he does not like media attention.

On the year 2004,he was married to football and was officially pronounced as Player and Game.

To cash in on the current craze of The Simpsons,we have make Armadan 11 simsonized.And the result as at above(not sure if it's really him)Anyhow this is Armadan 11 and we love him to bits.Hope you enjoy reading his biodata.

Next up,it will be Ivan the Great Cocker and Armadan 8 turn and it will be more bashing and torment then this.NO MERCY FOR THEM!!!

Till Judgement Day,

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Armadan 5 aka Wilson Tan aka Willy Wonka aka Mr Wobbly Legs aka Bullock-niac aka Mr potato aka Future "LALA" kid aka Wilko Muhammedz aka Ham(sap) Pao

"Mr potato"

This explains why he likes to do something weird...,

The above picture is none other than our Armadan 5,..his preferred position Central Mid..,
One of the co-founder of the club, he has been loyal to the club ever since the club was established in 2004. This kid here live a normal live but sometimes has a "weird" attitude of getting high from out of no where. An avid fan of Shevchenko but he plays better than his 1 goal per 20 games idol. This chap here is also a good "shooter" at goals and also at some one heart at times but most of the time this chap is a real joker. He is also famous for his leg shaking moment in the Wanna be Ah Beng dance in several IU Day which earned him the nickname " Mr Wobbly Legs " as for the rest of the nicknames you loyal fans of the Armadans have to find out yourself.

Ham(sap) Pao and Hollywood Star Sandra Bullock..,

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Armadan2 aka Ming Ooi aka Mingao aka Cat aka Kucing aka Mobita aka Doraemon aka MingDao aka Garfield aka Megan Fox aka Ka Lat Tai Boy aka Tau Sar Pao!

Above are the pictures that resembles Armadan2 famously know as Nobita( from Doraemon ), real name was Ming Ooi, but that name is slowly being forgotten since his nicknames were developed..Armadan2, plays as a full-back for Armadans,this bloke had been loyal enough to have stayed with the club ever since the club was first established way back in the years..
Chubby cheeks are described, he's particularly fussy about almost everything! after had had watching Transformers, this bloke eventually dreamt of kissing Megan Fox in reality..hopefully he wakes up from his dreams =) Recently passed his driving exams and was boasting around with his abilities already, well what to do..Often being the most "cruel" criticiser in the club, Armadan33 aka Excreminator as his usual victim..This bloke is also from the "Magic Quartet" consisting of Armadan7 aka Artic "FOX", Armadan9 aka Char Siew Pao and Armadan33( Excreminator )..

Armadan7 aka Kiki Mustang aka Captain aka Economy Pro aka Skeleton aka 5KG Boy aka Justin Choy aka Cin Cai aka Mr.Skin aka Tau Yong(Kaya) Pao


And yet another Armadan,
I give you Armadan 7 or aka Kiki Mustang aka Captain aka Economy Pro aka Skeleton aka 5KG aka Justin Choy aka Cin Cai aka Musang Pao.

He is the current Captain of the Armadans and also a professional in Economy..He is also the smartest in the Armadan's magic quartet and he loves to be touched by the ex-captain,..yes its non other than Armadan 33 aka Ng Boon Yuan aka Silky Terrier aka Xando aka Excriminator aka Smellyboss " muscleman"aka RX7 aka Fei Chai Pao"Bobo".

This Armadan here is also a product from the Armadan Academy and started playing for the youth team before going on trials at Inter Milan FC. Though he may look Argentine but don't be fooled because he is a truly Malaysian.

Musaham-sap(Mr.Skin) and Shyboy(Mr.Half Skin)