Thursday, August 2, 2007

Armadan 5 aka Wilson Tan aka Willy Wonka aka Mr Wobbly Legs aka Bullock-niac aka Mr potato aka Future "LALA" kid aka Wilko Muhammedz aka Ham(sap) Pao

"Mr potato"

This explains why he likes to do something weird...,

The above picture is none other than our Armadan 5,..his preferred position Central Mid..,
One of the co-founder of the club, he has been loyal to the club ever since the club was established in 2004. This kid here live a normal live but sometimes has a "weird" attitude of getting high from out of no where. An avid fan of Shevchenko but he plays better than his 1 goal per 20 games idol. This chap here is also a good "shooter" at goals and also at some one heart at times but most of the time this chap is a real joker. He is also famous for his leg shaking moment in the Wanna be Ah Beng dance in several IU Day which earned him the nickname " Mr Wobbly Legs " as for the rest of the nicknames you loyal fans of the Armadans have to find out yourself.

Ham(sap) Pao and Hollywood Star Sandra Bullock..,

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