Friday, August 17, 2007

Armadan16 aka Koonji aka The Slave aka Yamamoto Kawaguchi Kunji aka Shako aka japanese boy aka WTF aka spiky hair aka "Ferdinand"

The picture above shows what he usually does, being a "slave" muahaha..Armadan16 had had some controversies with the club over some years as he was loaned to South Park FC for 2 seasons before rejoining the Armadans. A guy who follows most of the orders or commands by his "master" ,someone that's been loaned out from the Armadans due to recent poor performance.

A guy who worships Japanese culture, there's where he got the name Yamamoto Kawaguchi Kunji! Often been "raped" during his days in Armadan's Institute of Football, he's proned to being raped due to his "tak apa" attitude..that's it!

peace out!

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