Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can They Finally Do It..??

The 39th Merdeka Tournament kicked off last week,
Malaysia's U-23 squad was in the same group as Myanmar(Defendeing Champs),Laos and Lesotho.
The U-23 squad did better than their seniors at last month's Asian Cup winning one out of their three games and losing only one to the defending champion on a 1-2 score line.They finished the group stage scoring6 and conceded only 2,way better goalkeeping from the "highly-rated" Azizon.

will this be the final image after tomorrow's game?

Yesterdays semi-final Malaysia were up against their bitter rivals Singapore U-23,which is on a roll following their unbeaten run in the groups stages.The match was won by the Malaysians and they will meet the defending champs Myanmar tomorrow at Shah Alam Stadium. This tournament was created by Malaysians but they have failed to win it since 1993 where they beat South Korea 3-1.

The question is can they finally win it back again??
Is this the start of the glory days for Malaysian football again ever since the Mokhtar Dahari era?

This question should all be answered by tomorrow's match.
WE as Malaysian will support the National squad for tomorrow's game in which a victory for the Malaysians would be a perfect gift for the big 50 of Malaysia's Independence Day.
WE just hope the score line won't be a big 5-0 where Malaysia end up on the losing side and its the other way round.

Armadan signing off...

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