Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bremgo vs BMW

A badass of its own....

Care for a hitch?

Recently a German based company has took a BMW 335i, slapped on some M3 lookalike parts on it and shoehorned the huge 5.0 liter V10 from the BMW M5 into the coupe’s engine bay. They used the SMG drivetrain instead of the manual transmission. Other than the body parts and engine swap, the car also receives a artge perforated leather steering wheel, AC Schnitzer 5-spoke alloy wheels.A dick big V10 engines.In this particular application they tuned up the M5’s engine to 550 PS, so you can expect this E92’s M5 motor to have similiar specs
Bremgo has also played with diesel engine,stuffing the 330d’s turbodiesel into the M3 Cabriolet, effectively taming it down a little and making it a nice fuel efficient small GT of sorts.

Work your whole life and you MAY get one of these beast...More pics after the jump

That's as big as your butt cheeks can grow.


Dutchman....You Sucks My Rod

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