Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Armadan2 aka Ming Ooi aka Mingao aka Cat aka Kucing aka Mobita aka Doraemon aka MingDao aka Garfield aka Megan Fox aka Ka Lat Tai Boy aka Tau Sar Pao!

Above are the pictures that resembles Armadan2 famously know as Nobita( from Doraemon ), real name was Ming Ooi, but that name is slowly being forgotten since his nicknames were developed..Armadan2, plays as a full-back for Armadans,this bloke had been loyal enough to have stayed with the club ever since the club was first established way back in the years..
Chubby cheeks are described, he's particularly fussy about almost everything! after had had watching Transformers, this bloke eventually dreamt of kissing Megan Fox in reality..hopefully he wakes up from his dreams =) Recently passed his driving exams and was boasting around with his abilities already, well what to do..Often being the most "cruel" criticiser in the club, Armadan33 aka Excreminator as his usual victim..This bloke is also from the "Magic Quartet" consisting of Armadan7 aka Artic "FOX", Armadan9 aka Char Siew Pao and Armadan33( Excreminator )..

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