Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Armadan Bulletin

La Romareda: The much talk about club The Armadans which have completed the signing of several big names a week ago played a friendly game at their least favourite pitch the "South Park" against one of their fierce rival the BT Sung Park JiJi FC. Full reports for the match has not been released but it is believed their €20M signing,Mohandinho made his debut as a 2nd half substitute in a match full marred by controversy.
Lineup for the game against BT Sung Park JiJi FC.

The new away kit for the Armadans will be expected to be ready by the end of this week as their sponsors have given a notice letter to the club board of directors. The Armadans players are delighted upon hearing the news. Here are some of the quotes as said by the Armadans;

"We are very happy because we're getting new threads,No more stinky jerseys,and best of all
A NEW BALL" ; quote by Armadan 33 aka Excreminator.

"New kit,New hope,New beginning and New players, We are going to SHAKE real HARD in the world of soccer in the upcoming season" ; -Armadan 5 aka Willy Wonka.

"We gonna look like basahloner,oops,I mean Barcelona so might as well we played like them but with better aggression in attack and more composed in defense" ; Armadan 8 aka MILF Hunter.

"Jersey??Cincai la, I just hope Jay Chou won't be having new albums or new songs anytime from now because if he did our rivals Shenhuahua will be stronger"; Armadan 7 aka Kiki Mustang.

The Armadan will train in a secret training base for a few months as they prepare for the season curtain raiser next month.

Thats all for today's bulletin for more updates or info log on to www.orangearmada.blogspot.com All messages and comments will be replied ASAP.

Alien or Snake Baby

Her mother kept telling people that she's got a snake in her tummy and when the baby was finally born, she looked like a snake (more Alien than snake to me) but the fact is,it's a rare skin disease called Harlequin type Ichthyosis.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Brilliant Brazilian,..

World Of Friends-Unite Football,Unite Culture! (Dutchman)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Armadan33 aka Ng Boon Yuan aka Silky Terrier aka Xando aka Excriminator aka SmellyBoss"Muscleman" aka RX7 aka Fei Chai Pao"Bobo"

Behold,I give you Boon Yuan the guy whos' three things in life is football,cars and hot guys...the least he wants is SPM and nagging.This nigga' is our ex-capt and current left-back.Likes to experiment new tricks but most of it failed.When strikers encounters him,they freeze!!!They freeze because they can't pass him due to his physical strength and jungle jerry's hair all around him.Adaptable to play all roles in the left-area and is one of the best in the lot currently.Eventhough Armadans call him fatty,he was never a fat bloke but a muscular man.Initial aim of life was to be a profesionale player playing for the Old Lady but end up in Orange Armada.The Dutchman team took him from the Dundee Utd youth ranks.

More to his personal life,staring at "naked" guys changing clothes(a small-time voyeur) is a past time for him.Can ease himself even if there are bunch of people right beside him.Sorry for the pun intended.Sleeps at 5am and wakes up at 3pm(he proclaims that the night is still young).Thats about it~Enjoy some of the photos that he have to offer:-

reedited:*I was not allowed to speak on this*

Happy moments of the full-back

All worked up thoroughly checking out Armadan new squad

Casually grinning on a vacation in Dickson after a tiring season.Notice on the right side(the guy without the shirt on),he's also an Armadan and is the worst signing ever.really...floppy player.Sorry.

Till Judgement Day,

Note:In a couple of days to come,we will be talking about Post-mortem on Matchday,New Nike Kit, and A.K.A series.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tak Nak! Rotan....Tak Nak! Jenayah....

A moment away from football,this is to young chaps out there.Don't do crime or this is what you deserve.Please think twice, because you would not want to taste this shit.(it hurts like a hot iron ironing your butt cheeks, till it flourishes into a bunga raya). God,Bless the World!

It's gruesome!!!!It's preposterous!!! 18SX...Watch at your own risk(not for the weak-hearted and pregnant ladies)

No Crime,No Cane
A community message brought to you by Armadan Football Club and djnovin.com

Till Judgement Day,

Armadan9 aka Puah Kar Yik aka K.Y.T aka Ani aka Fake Ronaldinho aka Monk aka Shyboy aka Char Siew Pau

Realise why he has that many aliases, because he's the kind of silent hitman on and off the pitch.So those sobriquets are essential for him to move around the pitch without the opponent knowing who are we calling out at.So slick that he is always ubiquitous on the field and proudly calls himself Ronaldinho of Malaysia but the real Ronnie of Msia is none other then .......?(Armadan 2??,7,9,10,33,11,5,8,22,99.,you guys decide@tembak-tembak)

He ask me to rescind a rare footage of him strutting those breathtaking skills but we insists of having him get a slice of the fame.So guess what...Right here and right now we're are exclusively showing you the video footage only on Armadan Tv.Its a paradox of him!NOTTTT....!!

Behold all Armadans!!!! We summon Armadan9's wizardry sulky skills,Enjoy;

Note:This are part of the comments from fans when they get to know about this video.

*)lol.thats hilarious.this guy is hail by Orange Armada(dutchman).The talisman in the team.kudos.

**) ish...i also can do la

***) stio outting stupid shit like this on the net, no skill!

#)Whatever it is.
Armadans says....WE LOVE YOU!

Have a great weekend =)

Till Judgement Day,

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The match between Shenhuahua FC and Orange was brought to an end this afternoon at 2pm, in our home stadium, el Roof de Futsal. The rule set up for the match was decided by both respective captains, Kiki Mustang from Orange Armada & 'Chin' da Seng from Shenhuahua FC. The rule was simple, whichever team that loses will have their players lined up in the goal post and let their ARSES being blasted by the victorius team. To our luck, Orange Armada managed to snap a win, with the scoreline of 4-2..thus we had the rule on

Armadans lining up a shot at Shenhuahua's arses!

What a pity..

Armadans at high

Friday, July 20, 2007


Recent report shows that a lot of people are envying the high status achieved by Orange Armada, we've found reasons behind all these..To those that criticised this club are mainly jealous by the popularity we're gaining lately, and to those that crapped about this club's achievements are just lack of attention, for most of the attentions are directing to us, these people need to get some attentions..or perhaps better known as LOAs..

The complete signings of three new players had boozed up this club quite spectacularly, in terms of spirit. The arrival of Suraj,19 aka 'Suraji the Boss' triggered some prospects over whether he could adapt himself into the style of play that Orange Armada plays. This young lad quoted "I'm really happy to have signed for this club,though I know that the style of play here is of more high pace compared to my former club, But anyhow I'll give my 101 % for this club"...Then another new signing of Orange Armada, Ryan Ooidic quoted " I'm glad that I could at last play for the club I admired so much during my childhood days,it's been a dream come true for me, I'll play my best and I LOVE being here!! '..

Lastly, the third signing of Orange Armada, perhaps the most expensive signings thus far, Mohandinho whom we signed from the former "Galacticos" Mighty Reds in which costed a massive €20mil quoted that, " I see PASSION in this club, being rated thus expensive, I knew that this club had somehow discovered my hidden talents in which I never got to show during my time with the "Galacticos", so by thanking the support shown by Orange Armada, I promise to give my very best to them"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Armadans Transfer Week #7

Latest news

The highly rated Mohandinho who is earlier this week reported that he could be on his way to the Armadans passed his medical today. The versatile attacking player is reportedly on his way to La Romareda Armada after agreeing personal terms with an undisclosed fee however its reportedly that the figure is around €20million. There are several other clubs envying what the Armadans could offer and show their dissatisfaction by critising the Armadans and the to-be Armadans. Mohandinho will don the No.17 jersey which was once held by the now player of the year "The Iceman".

Former Armadans fullback Madrid Chuan Real "Zizou" Chong has decided to hang up his boots. This retirement came through after a prolonged Hernia injury which has been haunting the fullback since last season. He quotes,
" Its been an honour for me to play in such a magnificent club with amazing legacy but I think its the time for me to stop as this hernia injury is giving me a hard time every time I play . I would like to thank the coaching staffs, teammates and last but not least the die hard fans of this club."

The No.5 jersey will be passed on to former No.11 Willy Wonka Jaded Wilson.

Hopes to see 3 new signings from Lala FC to the Armadans goes up in smokes. The three are Cha Bor, CS and an unknown player. The three players have decided to sign for Shaghaiyo Shenhuahua FC as they provide more Jay Chou songs during trainings.

Gabriel Heinze which was heavily rumored wanted to leave English Premier League champions Manchester United gave a "come and get me" hint to the Armadans. However a spokesperson from the Armadans explained "Heinze is a great fullback which also fits well at the center,however I think we'll do just fine with what we have in the current squad now".
Heinze which also interests Newcastle United, Liverpool and Real Madrid still have 2 years on his current United contract but with a buy-out clause of only €6.8Million.

Thats all for today's news.
Stay tune for more of the interesting news of the transfer saga,..thanks for watching.
Good day..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Armadan Transfer Center Week #6

The Arrival List;

De La Salle
:As the new season is drawing by,the transfer window is drawing close.We are proud to say that our club is the most active in the transfer market with signing new players no fewer then 3.

First on the crop list is Suraj,we have snap him out from a couple of interested clubs which is said to be offering a better deal then Orange Armada.However,Suraj which is deemed to be a hot prospect, said the reason he chooses Armada over other clubs is because of the stature of TheArmadans.

"I am delighted to join this club because it's huge and has a great following.this is the time where i can learn more and the coach has been very well to me.I love the supporters and i know they love me"exclaim Suraj.

That 14 year old wonderkid added that Domenico an Armadan himself has persuaded him to join the club.

He has passed the medical and is expected to be unveiled on 31/07/2007 in La Romareda Armada

Our second signing is Ryan Ooidic,also 14 arrived to Armadans on a free after spending years playing for De Liga B club,Lebuh Turi FC.He's the younger sibling of striker Gay Ooiteroy which is playing for Orange Armada currently.

"I came to this club is not because of my brother but because i love all the people in it esp my beloved brother and the culture.I want to pay the faith of Mustang lay on me by doing well in the backline and I hope we can win big things during my time here"

He too will be unveiled on 31/07/2007

The third player but certainly not the last to join is Kunji better known The Slave

He has had a terrible spell in Orange Armada because of not attending training and even walk out of games oftenly.However,he has made amends with the club president after a long discussion in De La Salle and pledge that he'll will be back with a vengeance.

"I'll pledge myself to the club and will try to control my disobedience off and on the pitch as much as i can.I owe my career to the club and i want to pay back to them by doing well"

The Armadans are also chasing highly rated Mohandinho,17 which is from our arch-rivals Mighty Reds and the move seems to be imminent as the giants has been demoted to De Liga B.
Nothing has been confirmed but if he were to come,it is believed that Jacko will be a surplus requirement and will be offload if the price is right.The club has put a whopping €20mil price tag on him.
With all this on going speculation and the arrival of some good quality signings,Xavi is widely speculated to leave the club for Barcelona but he firmly snub it and said that he wants to play for the club for his entire career.

"I want to be in this club and eventhough I would love to go to Barca but I would determine to fight for a place in the flank which is my favourite area but centre back will do as well for me because Puyol has been good to me"

Gay has also rubbish reports about him leaving the club after the arrival of Suraj.
The versatile striker donning the number 10 shirt wants to do well in the club after a barren run and wants to be back in the good old days with 20-goals a season.

Benjani Chongani(above) has left the club after serving a two term in Armada, to South Park FC on a free.He joined Dayamornand(below) who left the club after snubbing a new contract to go to a club in Canada,Dynamo Montreal.
Orange Armada will deeply missed them and felicitously welcome our new signings to the club.

The new away kit for 07/08 will be unveiled in La Romareda Armada on 31/07/07 together with Nike that is quite similar to Athletico Madrid.
Stay tune for more news and transfer gossips right here on www.orangearmada.blogspot.com

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Here's Uday Vinod a/l Magenthiran and Chester Soh Ho Chun,goodbye!

Till Judgement Day,

National Pride

The national sucks,they rank 149 in FIFA rankings.They only manage to score one and concede 12 goals in 3 GAMES.! No wonder "malaysia boleh" never really took off from the start, this is because they look like this on the pitch

...and I think they suffer from some hormone deficiency because they play like they are one
like this:

I once taught Thailand was the transsexual haven but now Malaysia more like it.

But above all,I still support Malaysia not for who they are/how they play but it's the inner sense tingling inside that tells me to...For instance whenever they touch the ball,I will be esctatic let alone scoring (as in the case against China).On a side note,Malaysians are happy to see Tengku(vice FAM) to resign and we're hoping that they will sack the coach(Bakar) and the whole squad minus Thiru & Nantha for only Indians can play well.Good riddance to Tengku and hope they will be a revival in Malaysia squad where it will be a mix of indian chinese and lastly malays like the likes of Santokh,Serbegeath'Shebby'Singh, Soh Chin Aun'Taukeh' and lastly Mokhtar Dahari'SuperMokh',playing for our national team again.not just talk but walk the talk.They are what they are,I am who I am...

Till Judgement Day,

National Disgrace

Despite our national motto 'MALAYSIA BOLEH' the AFC had put 'tremendous' tasks for our national team. Being one of the host countries of the tournament, the first game was played between Malaysia and China, eventhough China did not qualify for last year's world cup, but stil Malaysia had no comparison at all to the Chinese. Well in wat was expected by our sports minister, we could win, nevertheless celebrating before the match even started with huge cakes that states 'Malaysia Boleh' only result in a Himuliating defeat to China. 5-1 was the scoreline..Well wat more could be said? rubbish? ok moving on to Malaysia's second match against Uzbekistan, a team in which is not overly rated as Malaysia, could, thrash Malaysia an easy 5-0 win, what a disgrace. And to supporters of Malaysia, if u have really LOW mentality to even support a useless team that consisting of brown PIGS..

Our neighbour, Thailand could do so much better, I do not understand, Thai's have almost similar skin tone to us, but why could they be so good in football? and our country,despite numerous investments turned to be a piece of crap? I have the answer...

It is due to Malaysia team in which is racist in selecting players that are of BROWN skin, also with low mentalities..The coach would probably be a moron..from top-to-toe,Malaysian players are equiped with branded items but those were of a big waste when even teams like Oman in which is not a rich country could play so well with cheap boots.

Well, it is not that I don't wanna continue bombing Malaysia, it's just that time does not permit me. It's late and I'm soon to bed. Before I leave, I would like to advise those that support Malaysia, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Player of the Year

We are proud to announce that Xando@Iceman has won the Bloggers Mum's Choice Award for the Player of the Year(football) and Good Kid Behaviour of the Year 2007(sportsmanship)Kudos to you and goodluck in the next game.
x All geared up for the award gala night in Prescott Motel X Looking calm and reserve before the resultsX Tadaaa!!! an overwhelm over the moon Xando with his two awards.as you can see,he's with the trademark post with the two awards in hand.A great achievement to behold.

Till Judgement Day,