Friday, July 20, 2007


Recent report shows that a lot of people are envying the high status achieved by Orange Armada, we've found reasons behind all these..To those that criticised this club are mainly jealous by the popularity we're gaining lately, and to those that crapped about this club's achievements are just lack of attention, for most of the attentions are directing to us, these people need to get some attentions..or perhaps better known as LOAs..

The complete signings of three new players had boozed up this club quite spectacularly, in terms of spirit. The arrival of Suraj,19 aka 'Suraji the Boss' triggered some prospects over whether he could adapt himself into the style of play that Orange Armada plays. This young lad quoted "I'm really happy to have signed for this club,though I know that the style of play here is of more high pace compared to my former club, But anyhow I'll give my 101 % for this club"...Then another new signing of Orange Armada, Ryan Ooidic quoted " I'm glad that I could at last play for the club I admired so much during my childhood days,it's been a dream come true for me, I'll play my best and I LOVE being here!! '..

Lastly, the third signing of Orange Armada, perhaps the most expensive signings thus far, Mohandinho whom we signed from the former "Galacticos" Mighty Reds in which costed a massive €20mil quoted that, " I see PASSION in this club, being rated thus expensive, I knew that this club had somehow discovered my hidden talents in which I never got to show during my time with the "Galacticos", so by thanking the support shown by Orange Armada, I promise to give my very best to them"

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