Friday, July 27, 2007

Armadan9 aka Puah Kar Yik aka K.Y.T aka Ani aka Fake Ronaldinho aka Monk aka Shyboy aka Char Siew Pau

Realise why he has that many aliases, because he's the kind of silent hitman on and off the pitch.So those sobriquets are essential for him to move around the pitch without the opponent knowing who are we calling out at.So slick that he is always ubiquitous on the field and proudly calls himself Ronaldinho of Malaysia but the real Ronnie of Msia is none other then .......?(Armadan 2??,7,9,10,33,11,5,8,22,99.,you guys decide@tembak-tembak)

He ask me to rescind a rare footage of him strutting those breathtaking skills but we insists of having him get a slice of the fame.So guess what...Right here and right now we're are exclusively showing you the video footage only on Armadan Tv.Its a paradox of him!NOTTTT....!!

Behold all Armadans!!!! We summon Armadan9's wizardry sulky skills,Enjoy;

Note:This are part of the comments from fans when they get to know about this video.

*)lol.thats hilarious.this guy is hail by Orange Armada(dutchman).The talisman in the team.kudos.

**) ish...i also can do la

***) stio outting stupid shit like this on the net, no skill!

#)Whatever it is.
Armadans says....WE LOVE YOU!

Have a great weekend =)

Till Judgement Day,

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