Friday, July 13, 2007

The Elites #1

First and foremost welcome to the Orange Armada© 's official blog,

Here in the first post introducing the poll of the "elites and not so elites" of...
the initials on top are the voters' initials,,while the initials one the left hand side are the "candidates"..the higher number means worser rank.. the lower the number means the better the rank..get it..?enlarge the picture to view it more clearly,

Just in case the name BIATCH caught your eye there and you're wondering who's that here's a hint..
  • A blogger which take Xiaxue as her so called idol..already published her own book and worst of all arrogant,disrespectful to other people and likes jay chou
This poll will be updated more with more members of the squad voting for it almost everyday..

The end.,

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