Monday, July 16, 2007

National Pride

The national sucks,they rank 149 in FIFA rankings.They only manage to score one and concede 12 goals in 3 GAMES.! No wonder "malaysia boleh" never really took off from the start, this is because they look like this on the pitch

...and I think they suffer from some hormone deficiency because they play like they are one
like this:

I once taught Thailand was the transsexual haven but now Malaysia more like it.

But above all,I still support Malaysia not for who they are/how they play but it's the inner sense tingling inside that tells me to...For instance whenever they touch the ball,I will be esctatic let alone scoring (as in the case against China).On a side note,Malaysians are happy to see Tengku(vice FAM) to resign and we're hoping that they will sack the coach(Bakar) and the whole squad minus Thiru & Nantha for only Indians can play well.Good riddance to Tengku and hope they will be a revival in Malaysia squad where it will be a mix of indian chinese and lastly malays like the likes of Santokh,Serbegeath'Shebby'Singh, Soh Chin Aun'Taukeh' and lastly Mokhtar Dahari'SuperMokh',playing for our national team again.not just talk but walk the talk.They are what they are,I am who I am...

Till Judgement Day,

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