Sunday, July 29, 2007

Armadan33 aka Ng Boon Yuan aka Silky Terrier aka Xando aka Excriminator aka SmellyBoss"Muscleman" aka RX7 aka Fei Chai Pao"Bobo"

Behold,I give you Boon Yuan the guy whos' three things in life is football,cars and hot guys...the least he wants is SPM and nagging.This nigga' is our ex-capt and current left-back.Likes to experiment new tricks but most of it failed.When strikers encounters him,they freeze!!!They freeze because they can't pass him due to his physical strength and jungle jerry's hair all around him.Adaptable to play all roles in the left-area and is one of the best in the lot currently.Eventhough Armadans call him fatty,he was never a fat bloke but a muscular man.Initial aim of life was to be a profesionale player playing for the Old Lady but end up in Orange Armada.The Dutchman team took him from the Dundee Utd youth ranks.

More to his personal life,staring at "naked" guys changing clothes(a small-time voyeur) is a past time for him.Can ease himself even if there are bunch of people right beside him.Sorry for the pun intended.Sleeps at 5am and wakes up at 3pm(he proclaims that the night is still young).Thats about it~Enjoy some of the photos that he have to offer:-

reedited:*I was not allowed to speak on this*

Happy moments of the full-back

All worked up thoroughly checking out Armadan new squad

Casually grinning on a vacation in Dickson after a tiring season.Notice on the right side(the guy without the shirt on),he's also an Armadan and is the worst signing ever.really...floppy player.Sorry.

Till Judgement Day,

Note:In a couple of days to come,we will be talking about Post-mortem on Matchday,New Nike Kit, and A.K.A series.

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