Monday, July 16, 2007

National Disgrace

Despite our national motto 'MALAYSIA BOLEH' the AFC had put 'tremendous' tasks for our national team. Being one of the host countries of the tournament, the first game was played between Malaysia and China, eventhough China did not qualify for last year's world cup, but stil Malaysia had no comparison at all to the Chinese. Well in wat was expected by our sports minister, we could win, nevertheless celebrating before the match even started with huge cakes that states 'Malaysia Boleh' only result in a Himuliating defeat to China. 5-1 was the scoreline..Well wat more could be said? rubbish? ok moving on to Malaysia's second match against Uzbekistan, a team in which is not overly rated as Malaysia, could, thrash Malaysia an easy 5-0 win, what a disgrace. And to supporters of Malaysia, if u have really LOW mentality to even support a useless team that consisting of brown PIGS..

Our neighbour, Thailand could do so much better, I do not understand, Thai's have almost similar skin tone to us, but why could they be so good in football? and our country,despite numerous investments turned to be a piece of crap? I have the answer...

It is due to Malaysia team in which is racist in selecting players that are of BROWN skin, also with low mentalities..The coach would probably be a moron..from top-to-toe,Malaysian players are equiped with branded items but those were of a big waste when even teams like Oman in which is not a rich country could play so well with cheap boots.

Well, it is not that I don't wanna continue bombing Malaysia, it's just that time does not permit me. It's late and I'm soon to bed. Before I leave, I would like to advise those that support Malaysia, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

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